Stay Fresh This Summer

Fresh Start

It’s tough to keep your hair looking flawless during a scorching hot summer day. Especially when you squeeze in a work out before heading to the office, or jam one in during your lunch break. The good news is that you can refresh your hair until your next shower thanks to Fresh Start Dry Shampoos.

Keep one in your drawer at work or in your locker at the gym for a quick fix. Just hold the can ten to twelve inches away from your head, sectioning your hair so you can focus on your roots. Shake the can before each spray, and spray in short bursts. Let it sit for a few minutes to really absorb the excess oils, and then brush it out.

Just like that the greasy feeling is gone, and volume is back in action. And with a fresh citrus scent, you'll be feeling extra clean.

Post-workout hair is only one occasion Fresh Start is designed for. Late for work, and don't have time to wash? Want to make that blowout last an extra day or two longer? Give yourself a few spritzes, and brush your hair through. And it’s great for resuscitating greasy bangs. Fresh Start is perfect whenever your hair needs a pick-me-up.