Look Fashionable In A Pinch

by TRES Girl, Nami

Despite the fact that I was a hairstylist, and may have the finger dexterity to give myself a fingerwave, the real questions is, "who has time for that?!" With super busy schedules and things that need to get done, I seldom have time to pull out the curling iron and push out some perfect curls.

So, how does one keep their "fashionable hair" reputation in check when they're constantly on the go? (A baseball cap is not an option.)

I have two words for you: hair accessories. They’ve saved me from hair catastrophes on more than one occasion.

Here's a list of my faves for you to take and run with toward the finish line of stylish success!

  • The headband – long gone are the days of the boring headband. Now you can find all types of styles, whether you want to go boho chic, festival fairy, or modern and edgy.
  • Hair ties – opt for clear, no-snag elastic. Wrapping a piece of your own hair around the elastic and pinning it in place will give you instant polish with little hassle.
  • Ribbons – get rid of the scrunchies, ladies. Get yourself an array of pretty ribbons to tie at the base of your ponytail, or to weave into your braid. Like magic, you've got fashionable hair!
  • Bobby pins – stop trying to hide them! Stack bobby pins (whether they match your hair color or not) to keep bangs out of your face for a modern look with a touch of punk.
  • Flowers – instant boho beauty! Put a flower in it! (Extra points if you know how to make a flower crown!)
  • Scarves – tie a colorful scarf around the base of your bun, pony, or braid, and let it drape down your back. Glamorous drama without much effort. Alternately, wear it as a headband, and tie at the back of your neck to keep it a bit more prim and proper.

Now you don't have an excuse. Whether you didn't get to wash it, or you slept on it weird and have give minutes to get ready … just load up on accessories and you'll be fashionable in a flash!